Data Aggregation

The power of open data aggregation

Thalesia has built a unique state-of-the-art technology based on public and private data. The way the information is organised and stored allows the information flows display as the result of the layered composition of the whole data.

AI-Powered Investments
Data complementation
Structuring and Complementation

Data structuring and complementation for enhanced analysis

The information is homogenized and complemented with other data layers such as company fundamentals, ESG metrics, indexes, commodities and exchange rates.

AI Model Processing

Transforming information into decisions

Through a disciplined investment funnel, our AI-Powered model compiles the list of top performing global portfolios, discarding which do not comply with facts of risk, return and diversification.

AI-Model processing
Portfolio optimization
Portfolio Optimization

Optimal returns with limited risk

Extracting the key information, Thalesia generates a balanced portfolio of long-only stocks. The portfolio seeks to generate attractive risk-adjusted long-term returns investing in leading global companies.

Athenee FCP Global Equity A

$ 0.0


$ 0.0

* Lines represent the growth of 100$ invested

* Benchmark: MSCI ACWI Index (USD)



Fund Details

Fund seeks to generate attractive risk-adjusted long-term returns investing in the U.S. stocks and other leading markets. A disciplined investment process is employed to identify companies that are differentiated by above-average returns.

  • TICKER LU2451274059
  • Net Assets 2 Million
  • EXCHANGE Luxembourg Stock Exchange
  • INCEPTION DATE 01/01/2024
  • HOLDINGS 35-45
  • AVG MARKET CAP $ 345 Billion
  • ADVISOR Thalesia Capital EAF
  • MANAGER Andbank Asset Management


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